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“There is nothing I love more than seeing a brand or project come to life.

I believe that every business is unique and your 'uniqueness' should be reflected in your branding”




Hey there, I'm Retta, graphic designer and brand specialist.

Let's work together to hatch your ideas and bring your brand to life.


I'm all for helping you make a whale-sized splash with your branding in both print and online.

Branding, Print Design and Packaging is what I love, This is the foundation of my work. It’s where it all began! Along with branding, graphic design is where Looksee Design started almost 18 years ago. With your core values and branding in mind, I ensure that all projects I undertake are creative, enduring and precise. To me, it’s not just about a beautiful visual design, each project must communicate with the target audience with clarity and precision.

My focus is building a genuine relationship with my clients,  providing personalised yet professional graphic design and branding solutions that are tailored to my client's needs. I work closely with my clients guiding them along the way to develop effective design solutions for their business across a broad range of industries such as food and wine, horticulture, legal, government, real estate and building, health & fitness, sporting, tourism and accommodation sectors, a real mixed bag but that's just to name a few.

When you work with me (Looksee) my approach is always the same no matter what your project is, I take the time to learn about your business your product, the personality of not only the business but of you, the people behind the business - your quirks, love's, erks, how your product or business works etc. You are not just a number in a long list of clients, I will build a relationship with you and work with you and because of this, the work that I produce is targeted to your specific market or needs and represents you as much as possible.

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Whether you are starting out or rebranding, Looksee Design has a number of packages to suit.

Let's talk! I'd love to hear all about your idea.