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  • Regardless of your site’s needs, one feature that is critical to any sites’ success is mobile-friendliness and responsive design.  Read More

  • Looksee Design is proud to support The Treehouse Initiative by designing  the 2015 Kids Christmas Party Poster for the second time. The event is for children of all disabilities and all monies raised goes to help support programs and services for families.   Read More

  • Just Launched new website for Glenda Rowett - South Australian Contemporary Artist based in Bordertown South Australia. The website has been launched in conjunction with her up and coming exhibition Connections on the 29th November at Murray Bridge Gallery
    Visit the website for details about her exhibition www.glendarowett.com.au   Read More

  • A brand new online store is up and running for Freeborn Jewellery, Designed and Developed by Looksee Design. Vanessa's jewellery designs are simply gorgeous.
    You can purchase a pre-made pieces or have the piece of jewellery you’ve been dreaming off designed. Check the site out www.freebornjewellery.com.au   Read More

  • Looksee Design is once again proud to be a sponsor of Rock Berry Jam 2016 held in Victoria's Yarra Valley 
      Read More

  • First impressions usually last
    So as a business owner, how do you make a good first impression to your target consumers? How do you catch their attention immediately and imprint your brand in their memories? By creating an appropriate corporate insignia that represents what your company stands for. Take a look at these quick tips in constructing the perfect logo for your company or business.   Read More

  • As you walk through the crowded isles of the department store, in search of the best product suited for your needs, you find yourself wondering what to pick.   Read More

  • With the booming of the internet marketing industry, people are discovering that there’s a simpler, more convenient, and very profitable way of doing business. You can advertise, promote, transact, and do whatever you like, whenever you like online. Aside from this, the media, the press, and other marketing outlets have never failed to spread the word about a business. They question now is, how can your business contend with the growing number of competitors having the same idea or the same business? How can you stay ahead of the game and make your product or service known? The answer lies with effective marketing strategies, most especially graphic design.
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  • Building a company from the ground up is not a thing to take lightly. There’s so much needed and so much at stake. Imagine all the necessary preparations and labor you have to do and making sure it flourishes. Not to mention the daily stresses of life. It will take much of your precious time and energy, both mentally and physically.  Read More

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