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'Retta has extraordinary insights of my needs for my websites and promotional material. I love her work, she always comes up with concepts that are better than I can ever imagine and people regularly compliment my promotional material.

Thank you, Retta!

Jennifer Repper - Wisdom Exchange and Akaisa, SA




Knight's Roses

Knight's Roses

This Testimonial is for our Graphic Designer/Creative Director Retta Laraway of Looksee Design.
We initially had Retta help us produce our first commercially printed Catalogue in 2007. We have since given all of our artwork to Looksee Design to do and we haven’t looked back.
With New fresh ideas that are outside of the box, not necessarily following ‘the trend’ of the moment but innovative in their approach has helped us to have the look we desire for our Business. We would recommend Retta and Looksee Design with her forward thinking to anyone with a desire to be seen, heard & a step ahead of your Competition!'

Daniel Knight, Knights Roses, SA

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Nationwide Roses

Nationwide Roses

Retta has been helping me with my business idea’s for the past 3 years, after a family member let me down. She is innovative in his thinking & has given me ideas that I would never have had on my own. Her foresight into ‘the fashion of the future’ has been amazing but with the ability to also forge logo’s that will have the staying power after the fad has gone. Over this time, Retta has also put her personal touch on business ideas that we have implemented & because of such contact, we are also now family friends, with children the same age I would like to take this opportunity to. Thank Retta for all she has helped me with & for the continued inspiration I she is going to add to my business to help it grow & be successful’.

Natasha Kraly, Nationwide Roses SA

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JJ Jazzfects

Alabastra Voice,JJJazzfects UK

First I would to thank Retta for his help with designing my two logos. Working with Retta has been awesome,
the work rate is of very high stand, a good eye for detail, can capture the right design for your company or organisation. I will be using Retta services again and recommend his company to anyone who is looking for a graphic designer. Thanks once again’. 

Jammell, Alabastra Voice, JJJazzfects, UK






‘Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!!!!! you don't know how much this means to my organisation and I. We will definitely use your services in the future. Once again, I greatly appreciate your work. You’ve been amazing to work with =) Retta, thank you again for the HOTTER logo! Love the clean, modern aesthetic quality of your designs, and your professional attitude. My colleagues at TPAN said you were a pleasure to work with.’

Rick Guasco and Jonathon Mitchell, TPAN USA




Thomas Wealth Solutions

Thomas Wealth Solutions

I found Retta to be very patient with someone who didn't really know what they were looking for in a logo. I initially found it difficult to convey what I wanted but I found that Retta worked with me to get the information that was needed to give me a logo that is very well suited to my business and one that I am proud to have linked to me. The service was professional and I would certainly recommend Looksee Design for anyone seeking a unique logo or branding solution.

Thanks again'

Dan Thomas, Thomas Wealth Solutions, Brisbane 

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Great job on the logo! Simple with meaning, well at least meaning for us. I like the idea of the pieces being put together to form the "C" which captures the essence of what crafteeo is about.  I enjoyed working with you and find you to be very good at what you do. Even though we are on opposite sides of the world, I found this collaboration to be smooth and productive.

Thank you for your hard work and being part of crafteeo's launch team

How Lun Chen,  Crafteeo Florida USA

Tribeca Legal

Tribeca Legal

'‘I made a short list of 30 graphic designers for my boss before we chose Retta. She rebranded our business, the logo was exactly what we wanted. Retta was the best value (being quality and creativity of design) out of all of our list. She is highly professional, delivers work when she says she will, and is above all a lovely person to deal with.’ 

Stephanie Tribe, Tribeca Legal VIC